Your Words to Describe Haiku

Su Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog le parole che i poeti usano per definire e descrivere gli haiku.
Articolo molto interessante, grazie Charlotte Digregorio per averci coinvolti!

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Readers and Followers:

Below are the responses given by you to my inquiry about the first word that comes to your mind in thinking about haiku.

I received more than fifty-four responses. Some of you submitted ones that were already mentioned by others, so I am not repeating them for readers. But, we will have other posts where you can be included.

I was surprised that no one mentioned words like wisdom, heartfelt or thoughtful.

Thank you all for participating. Hopefully, in writing haiku, you will remember some of these elements of it.

  • K. Mannix– evocative
  • Alan Summers–mutable
  • Alison M. Williams–essence
  • Rick Daddario–evolutionary
  • Rachel Sutcliffe–focus
  • Maria Laura Valente–introspective
  • Joe Kirschner–insight
  • Pasquale Asprea–imagination
  • kjmunro–home
  • Maureen Sudlow–succinct
  • Barb Germiat–condensed
  • Terri L. French–contemplative
  • Elisa Allo–intimate
  • Shrikaanth K. Murthy–“perspection”– a word he coined
  • William Shehan–natural
  • Nancy Rapp–moment
  • Tricia Knoll–imagistic
  • Eva Limbach–awareness
  • Amy Losak–flow
  • mafa–freshness
  • Carole MacRury–epiphany
  • Marietta McGregor–light
  • Kerstin Park–sharing
  • Olivier Schopfer–everyday

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