Haiku in the Workplace

Stasera posto una serie di haiku/senryū pubblicati a gennaio e febbrario 2017 sulla colonna “Haiku in the Workplace“, curata da Jim Kacian, sul sito “The Haiku Foundation“.

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Tonight I post a series of haiku / senryū published in January and February 2017, on column “Haiku in the Workplace”, edited by Jim Kacian, on the site “The Haiku Foundation”.

Enjoy the reading!

Elisa Allo


  • Balancing Work and Life – 11 gennaio

I punch the badge –

only twenty minutes

for my son’s pool lesson

  • Retirement – 18 gennaio

retired teacher

on vacation dreams

smiles of his pupils

  • The Commute – 25 gennaio


a heavier book

every morning

  • Workplace Accidents – 1 febbraio

head in the clouds –

the helmet rolled down

the stairs

  • Work travel – 8 febbraio

another trip —

I blow out the candles

all alone

  • The Answering Machine – 15 febbraio

Valentine’s day:

my boss will speak only

to a metallic voice

  • The Mentor – 22 febbraio

general hospital:

psychology tutor

is a clinical case


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Your Responses to Describing “The Art of Writing”

Charlotte Digregorio ha chiesto sul suo blog di descrivere con una sola parola cosa significa per ognuno “l’arte di scrivere”.
A questo post potete leggere l’interessante risultato.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Dear Readers,


Many thanks to all for responding with your one word to describe “The Art of Writing.” A few people duplicated words, but I decided to run them anyway.


If I have forgotten to run anyone’s word, please notify me so that I can include you–though I doubt I did forget anyone! We had thirty-seven respondents. Not too shabby! Also, next time, please state your name in full, as you’d like it to appear.


Many of these words got me thinking in ways I never did before. I hope they do the same for you.


Please read the entire list below. And most of all, thank you for being loyal readers and contributors to my blog.




Charlotte Digregorio

  • release–Mikels Skele
  • communication–Alison M. Williams
  • freedom–Maria Laura Valente
  • instinctive–Rachel Sutcliffe
  • divination–Earl Keener
  • process–Marjorie Robertson
  • life–kjmunro
  • portraits–Christine…

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My heart melts–

in the middle of whiteness

a snowdrop


si scioglie il cuore –

in mezzo al bianco

un bucaneve


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Elisa Allo

Questo haiku e stato pubblicato il 17 febbraio sulla rubrica ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK, gestita dall’editore David McMurray. Grazie di cuore!

This haiku was published in the column ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK, managed by the editor David McMurray. Thank you so much!