Your Responses to Describing Yourself as a Writer

How describes himself a writer?
Charlotte Digregorio asks the question to the authors on the web.
The result is a very interesting article.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Thanks to all who responded to my recent survey about describing yourself as a writer in just one word. There were fifty-five responses. (If I’ve inadvertently forgotten anyone’s response, please let me know.)

It’s interesting that some of you didn’t use an adjective to describe yourselves.

The list of words is below:

  • minimalistMaureen Sudlow


  • introspectiveMaria Laura Valente

  • melancholicEufemia Griffo

  • deadline-drivenBarb Germiat

  • questingPaul Beech


  • uncomfortableAlan Summers

  • vulnerableMarjorie Robertson

  • quixoticRick Daddario


  • journeymanMichael Henry Lee


  • reclusiveAlison Williams

  • instinctiveAnna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

  • addictedJan Dobb


  • spur-of-the momentBilly Antonio

  • heartEllen Grace Olinger


  • doubtfulOlivier Schopfer


  • openkjmunro

  • minimalistMargherita Petriccione


  • distillmentNancy Rapp

  • obsessedValorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff

  • maroonedEarl Keener


  • communionPasquale Asprea

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