Failed Haiku, Issue 17

I’m grateful to Michael Rehling for having selected two of my senryū for the May issue of Failed Haiku. Congratulations to all the published authors!



mood disorders…

a sitcom


last line

I count the syllables

and close my eyes


Elisa Allo

Otata 17, May 2017


Delighted to be present on this issue of Otata with six of my haiku.

Thank you very much, John Martone!

And congratulations to all haijin friends published!


unexpected —
scent of primroses
in the fog

peach flowers –
kids at school are
much more distracted

rewakening –
a lantern flies softly
in the wind

after Memorial Day –
Anne’s diary
back in a drawer

drowsy city…
a bee buzzes alone
on the pinwheels

March wind
the mood of my son
promises rain

Elisa Allo


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otata 17 (May 2017)

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Gary Hotham, Fifteen Haiku

Please Note: The June otata will be devoted to John Levy’s

Visits with Robert Lax in Greece (1984 & 1985)

The editor will next consider submissions for the July issue.


Otata will come again
one day
late fall in the mountains

— Santoka as translated by Burton Watson

Otata mo aru hi wa kite kureru yama no aki fukaku

As Watson notes, “Otata was a woman who went around selling fish in the area of Santoka’s cottage in Matsuyama.”


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