My “Paper Roses” Haiku and the Story of the Very Special Artwork That Inspired It

Often we wonder how a poem is born, what aroused the choice of words or images. This post by Jennifer Hambrick explains it in depth and makes me appreciate even more her haiku “paper roses”, recently published on this blog.
Thank you Jennifer for giving us the chance to glance over it.


I love it when a project of unassuming origins takes on a life of its own.

My “paper roses” haiku, which the Italian haiku poet Elisa Allo recently featured and translated into Italian on her blog, Ama no gawa, recently found itself in the middle of such a project.  Little did I know that my haiku contains a pun that is impossible to translate into Italian.  Elisa presented the haiku with a beautiful graphic and an explanatory note about the translation:

Hambrick Paper roses haiku - 1

Hambrick Paper roses haiku - 2

My “paper roses” haiku might not have come about in the first place had it not been for the phenomenal artwork a group of Columbus-area elementary school students and a recent event of the Ohio Poetry Association.

In April, the Ohio Poetry Association published a statewide anthology of ekphrastic poems (poems inspired by other works of art), A Rustling and Waking Within.  The anthology was…

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