Elisa Allo’s Haiku



colazione con i bambini

inutile piangere

sul latte versato

Elisa Allo

This haiku is been published today on “brass bell: an online haiku journal“, edited by Zee Zahava. The theme is a single date . . .   all the poems were written on/about May 23, 2017. It was an honor for me to attend.

Two of my haiku on Brass Bell

a swallow’s nest
above the dish of sushi

un nido di rondine
sopra il piatto di sushi

relaxing Saturday –
children order
soba noodles

Sabato in relax –
i bambini ordinano
spaghetti soba

Elisa Allo

Image result for spaghetti giapponesi soba e sushi

Edible Haiku, April 2017 issue of brass bell: a haiku journal, edited by Zee Zahava