Elisa Allo’s Haiku



colazione con i bambini

inutile piangere

sul latte versato

Elisa Allo

This haiku is been published today on “brass bell: an online haiku journal“, edited by Zee Zahava. The theme is a single date . . .   all the poems were written on/about May 23, 2017. It was an honor for me to attend.

Haiku in the Workplace – May 2017

Today I post a series of haiku / senryū published in May 2017, on column “Haiku in the Workplace”, edited by Jim Kacian, on the site “The Haiku Foundation”.

Enjoy the reading!


  • Springtime in the Office – May 3

pansies near the printer

. . . tapis roulant

before the salad


  • The Man (or Woman) from IT – May 10

my husband opines

on IT at dinner:

I think of a haiku


  • The Personal Performance Review – May 17

first leaves fall . . .

a student’s smile is

the teacher’s ruler


  • Bring Your Child to Work Day – May 24

kindergarten on strike —

mascot for a day

in mom’s classroom


  • First Day at the New Job – May 31

new job . . .

with a smile my husband

went to the wrong office


Elisa Allo