Haiku in the Workplace – April 2017

Today I post a series of haiku / senryū published in April 2017, on column “Haiku in the Workplace”, edited by Jim Kacian, on the site “The Haiku Foundation”.

Enjoy the reading!

  • Auto-Correct (or Spelchek) – April 5

submission . . .

my tale rejected

too many typos


  • The Team Meeting – April 12

brainstorming . . .

too original ideas

Principal waves them off


  • Maternity / Paternity Leave – April 19

Spring Market . . .

a dad wrapped

in a baby sling

  • The Ex-Pat – April 26

Switzerland . . .

half of my heart lives

beyond the Alps


Elisa Allo



This photo refers to haiku on April 19th


Haiku – dedicated to my son Leonardo

Easter Monday…
wild strawberries grow
and you with them

Lunedì di Pasqua…
fragoline di bosco crescono
e tu con loro

Related image

Elisa Allo

This haiku has been included in the collection “EarthRise Rolling Collaborative Haiku 2017″, on The Haiku Foundation.

Congrats to all my friends included in this collection.