Elisa Allo’s September Wind

I sincerely thank Nicholas David Klacsanzky for this exhaustive comment on my haiku. You have grasped my thought, introducing the reader also to new interpretations.
I’m really happy!

Haiku Commentary

the fūrin tinkles
in September wind—
there’s still time

© Elisa Allo (Italy)

(published previously on tanzaku.wordpress.com )

Let’s first understand what a fūrin is: a Japanese wind chime. The fūrin has a bowl-shaped exterior, the zetsu (the clapper) on the inside that makes the sound, and a strip of paper that is hung from the zetsu. With these three parts, the fūrin is able to create wondrous sounds that remind people of summer.

From ancient times in Japan, it was believed that when a strong wind blows, an epidemic will spread. So, the tradition developed that, in order to avoid epidemics and to ward away evil, a bronze wind chime in the shape of a bell called the fūtaku should be hung near the house. They were also hung in temples to create a peaceful atmosphere.

But the epidemic in this haiku is probably referring to the season itself. The end…

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